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A+ Roofing can assist you with all your roof restructuring (re-roofing) needs.


What is the restructure work that we do?


We remove damaged roof trusses or rafters and repair or replace them with new trusses. This is done on homes, businesses and mobile homes. Many home owners want to make addition to their home, which requires restructuring the trusses. We have the ability to take care for this roof replacement work. Other home owners may have a flat roof on their home, carport or garage, we can change this to a pitched roof.


Why would I need my roof trusses replaced?


Because many homes have been damaged by winter weather and heavy snow loads in the past. The rafters were broken or they sagged. This caused the structural integrity of the roof to be compromised.



How can I tell if I need my roof needs structure repaired or replaced?

First go outside and look very close at the slope of the roof. Look for sags or bulges, things that do not look the way the way they should, not straight and true. This may also require a trip into the attic to make sure the roof structure is or is not damaged. If you don’t feel comfortable going into your attic, we can do an inspection of your roof structure for you. Once this is done and you have determined you have a problem, we then can work with you to get the problem resolved.

Secondly Once this is done and you feel you have a problem, or you think you do then call us and we will come and make sure one way or the other. We will check all areas to make sure your roof is structurally sound.

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Why should I use your company for roof replacement?

To begin with this is our specialty. We are not a general contractor that happens to do roof structure work along with a dozen other things they say they are specializing in, like concrete work, wood decks, siding, windows, doors, and sheet rock work etc. Reroofing of homes, roof restructuring, and roof replacement work is all we do.

When we are first contacted by you, we work for you, with the Insurance Co. as most of these problems are covered under you home owners insurance. We then work with the engineer to find the right solution for your problem, schedule the work to be done, keeping you informed as to how things are progressing along the way. A company representative will be working very closely with you to make sure every thing is going well and you are fully satisfied. Also all of our workers are hourly employees and do not work piece work, this allows them to take their time and do a good job.

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